How to Download and Set Custom Themes in GBWhatsapp

In the original version of whatsapp, it’s not possible to set a custom theme without modding it. Normal people who are not developers do not know how to mod an application and this is the reason we have created this guide which already consists of the link to the modded whatsapp which any normal person just has to install use in order to customise a lot of things which are non customizable in the original whatsapp version. We will not only be able to set a custom theme but also be able to customise a plethora of new things which work in synergy with the normal whatsapp server!

Here, we will only discuss about one feature i.e setting custom themes as mentioned in the above subject.

There are a lot of different versions of modded whatsapp available out there on the internet but the most popular of them all is GBWhatsapp. The problem with downloading such modded whatsapp versions is that a log of GBWhatsapp versions have trojans/viruses injected in them and can easily harm your devices. That is the main reason it is necessary to download GBWhatsapp using a trusted source. We here have tested our GBWhatsapp by scanning and tracking it’s usage on multiple devices.

Steps for downloading and applying:

You can go along with the following tutorial steps in order to download GBWhatsapp and apply a custom theme :

Step 1 : Download the GBWhatsapp application for the following link for the most secure and tested customizable user experience.

Download GBWhatsApp

Step 2 : Enable unknown sources option in your settings in order to install the downloaded and modded GBWhatsapp application.

Step 3 : Open the apk file which you downloaded using the first tutorial step and follow the steps in order to install the GBWhatsapp application successfully.

Step 4 : Now open the GBWhatsapp application and set it up using your otp.

Step 5 : Once you are done with the five steps mentioned above, you can open up the menu using the menu button and click on GB Settings.

Step 6 : Now, to download a theme, click the download themes option in the list

Step 7 : You can select the theme which you are attracted to and click on the apply button.

Step 8 : Once it is applied, it will automatically show you that it is required to restart the gbwhatsapp application. Just press the OK button to give it a green light.

Step 9 : You’re done here. This will drastically change your user experience on whatsapp and it only makes everything better!


Steps for removing the theme:

Step 1: Open the GBWhatsapp menu.


Step 2: Click more options in the themes section.


Step 3: Tap on the clear button. This will set default GBWhatsapp preferences.



You can easily download GBWhatsapp (secure) , set customizable themes in it and clear the theme to switch back to the default look easily using this guide.